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Some still call her when they’re having a crisis.“Mum definitely goes above and beyond the role of foster parent – she’s exceptional and I’m so proud of her,” says Lydia.“Reality shows come with this stigma that we don’t work hard and are just interested in partying and bitching, so I really hope we can show people the other side of our life.” Lydia hasn’t ruled out fostering one day, too.“When Lydia went to sleep in her bunk bed, she never knew who would be there in the morning – maybe a new baby in a cot or maybe one of the other foster kids might have crept in during the night,” laughs Debbie, who is proud that her children accepted their foster siblings so graciously.There are currently six children living in this handsome 1930s detached house in Woodford.She didn’t want children, but found herself pregnant with Georgia, then three months after Georgia’s birth, with Lydia.“I got chatting one day to a woman with about six children around her in a restaurant, found out she was a foster carer and thought, ‘Maybe I could do that, and gave her my number.’”Within two days Hackney Social Services was on the phone and after months of training she was asked to take her first charge, a three-month-old baby girl.

She estimates 80 per cent of the children placed with her are there as a result of alcohol or drug abuse.Some, including one of the children she currently looks after, have been damaged long-term by their mother’s drinking or drug abuse when pregnant.Most days the school will ring, and she’ll often have to go and pick the child up.“You learn you have to be flexible – even if I have big plans, I have to drop everything when the school or social services call.” Debbie thinks there were only three children she couldn’t really reach.Lydia has moved to a cottage five minutes down the road, but her three birth siblings are still at home, plus three foster children aged 11, 12 and 17.One of them has lived there for 10 years.“There’s always chaos, but also a lot of love,” says Debbie, who admits she’s so chaotic she recently had a 55th birthday party complete with 55 balloons and candles before realising she was actually 54!I tried everything with him but eventually I broke down to social services saying, ‘How do you expect me to undo seven years of abuse?