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But I'm teaching that you can eat a lot more food - and the same thing always comes up, 'Is this too much food? ', but because of the macronutrients, your body loves it and it burns fat," Wicks explains. "It's not charm - it's not luck that 100k people have signed up.

I know I'm good on social media, but the fact that it works...

Cycle one A few days after filling out the questionnaire, I received Cycle One of the programme - my handbook for the next 30 days - and assigned a personal trainer who would support me throughout the plan via email.

I spent a couple of hours every weekend cooking in bulk so my meals were ready for the week ahead - preparation is key.I couldn't believe how much I was eating at the start, but as I neared the end of the first 30 days, my appetite grew and I found myself feeling hungry more often - a sure sign that my metabolism was speeding up.This cycle was the toughest, both mentally and physically: my appetite was huge and motivation seriously waning.I often felt lethargic, which made my workouts harder.It was just having fun, connecting with an audience, sharing my ideas." Having followed The Body Coach online for some time myself and witnessing his amazing client transformations, I was sucked into the hype and signed up for his 90 Day SSS online fitness plan (the "SSS" is for "shift, shape and sustain").

According to Wicks, about 300 people sign up to the plan every day.

At this point, my energy was up, my skin was glowing and my sleep quality had improved so much.

My colleagues even start to compliment me on how well I was looking. Cycle two A few days after submitting my Cycle One results, Cycle Two arrived in my inbox, complete with new dieting rules and a whole new set of recipes.

The 30-year-old Londoner is now a bone-fide online fitness guru - his social-media posts earning him legions of fans, who eagerly await his daily recipe and workout posts on Instagram (728k followers), Facebook (631k), Twitter (115k) and You Tube (65k subscribers).

Wicks started out as a personal trainer, but in just two years, he's built up a staff of 50, who help him manage the thousands of clients doing his online fitness programme.

The high fat and protein content of my meals was nauseating initially, but my body soon adapted.