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Based on a government resolution, the National Coordination Group for the Euro Adoption in the Czech Republic was established.

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For this purpose the Ministry of Finance and the Czech National Bank presented a joint document summarising the benefits and costs for the Czech economy that would result from becoming a member of the Economic and Monetary Union.

This first Czech Republic’s Euro Area Accession Strategy indicated that depending on successful fiscal consolidation the period 2009-2010 could be considered a possible date for adopting the euro.

National holidays are regulated under the 1975 Act to amend the Act of 2 November 1951 Respecting the National Festivals, Public Holidays, Days of Remembrance, and Days of National Significance.

This law provides the government with the ability to establish national holidays and create one-time commemorations or national events.

CZ is the oldest and largest anime and manga convention in the Czech Republic, organized by a non-profit organization Brno otaku.

As the name suggests, the festival takes place in Brno.The Government also expressed its intention to sign the Fiscal Compact (the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union) and to defend its interests in the emerging banking union, including preparations for accession.Three political parties that formed the coalition government based on the general elections in May 2010 declared in their coalition agreement that for now they will not fix the date for euro adoption in the Czech Republic.It maintains that this date must be made conditional on resolving problematic areas of the Czech economy through reforming government budgets and strengthening the flexibility of labour markets.The Czech government approved a document which highlights key changeover principles, outlines the timetable and addresses many other technical issues that define the process of euro adoption in the Czech Republic.Some of these holidays will change in date each year because their celebration dates are calculated based on the lunar cycle.