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Ending Violence comes with a guide that will help you map out how to adapt the program for the grades you teach.

Each and every show has FCAT and Sunshine State Standard classroom exercises created for teachers and counselors to use with their students. // To view the Reality Avenue Classroom Exercises and discussion prompters webpage, CLICK HERE.// SAMHSA’s National Mental Health Clearinghouse Safe Dates – Office of Prevention has purchased access for this curriculum on Discovery Health and it is accessed via Broward County Public School’s BEEP Portal.The session includes a narrative story, helpful tips on identifying abuse, learning about legal options and a "Test Your Knowledge" quiz to reinforce learning.Session 3: Ending Violence — This session explores the civil justice system remedies to dating abuse as well as important information about staying safe.The program is designed to be easily used by educators, law enforcement, medical professionals, domestic violence advocates and youth service providers. incorporates video segments, interactive classroom activities, discussion prompts, animation and opportunities for role plays or extended research projects.

This diversity of content and inclusion of all learning styles allows facilitators to engage teens to learn about dating abuse and healthy relationships on multiple levels.Use this video along with the suggested Classroom Activities to help you, your students, or your children learn more. The Broward Enterprise Education Portal (BEEP) is a secure, single point of access to digital resources for teaching and learning.BEEP provides resources to School District employees and has innumerable videos, classroom exercises and lesson plans.The segments include tips on getting a restraining order, a mock court hearing, safety planning tips and tools and what teens need to know about building healthy relationships.Get Real about Violence is a K-12, research-based prevention program that addresses a wide range of violent behavior in students-from bullying and verbal aggression at early grades through fighting and social exclusion at middle grades to relationship abuse and assaults that can occur in later grades.All the materials needed to implement the program are in the box, including: was designed for middle and high school age youth.