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It is not unusual that the husband (also referred to as: cuck) gets ‘seconds’ by licking the seemen left by her sexpartners from his wife pussy or body when she returns home or after her sex acts (of which he sometimes is the observer).Sometimes the wife also sends her partner cuckold videos or cuckolding pictures of her having sex with other men.

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The same guilt men have when wanting so badly to experiance other females. Could you both share such dealings and come to greater heights of excitement and would life be more fun? If she is someone that we develop feelings for we will probably always love her unless she does very bad acts in society.

Some say jealousy would ruin everything and these crazy ideas would only harm humans. I think if it was the norm and long ago we had never experianced such only being allowed to be with one partner all of us would be much more happier. It’s natural to be protective of the beautiful opposite sex … Sexually men have the urge to do it with anyone they find attractive and when they do they don’t lose feelings for those that came before.

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James just can’t keep up with sultry Tiffany still and bedroom play begins to turn to disappointment.

Then a terrible accident regarding James, followed by a wild opportunity for Tiffany leads to big changes in their marriage.I think the past will always make us think twice and it’s too bad.Would you enjoy seeing whom you pleased and your mate enjoying anyone she desired?The man gets great satisfaction to see his partner with other (quite often described as superior) partners.Those sexual partners are sometimes referred to as: Bulls (when the sex partner has a big cock) or BBC (short for: Big Black Cock).There just seems to be something that draws women and or couples to the darker side …lol! Marriage is on the downfall and couples more and more are not hooking up until later in life. Which brings me to my point, if not for the old ways, the religious views and scare tactics of the past, wouldn’t we all be happier if we could be with others and sexually enjoy whom we desire as long as no harm is done?