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The same centrifugal forces that made Boehner’s job impossible have bedeviled his successor, Ryan, and kept the GOP majorities in Congress from passing any landmark legislation in 2017.

Now, as the revolutionary fervor that swept Boehner into the speakership degenerates into a fratricidal conflict centered around Trump, the former speaker’s frontline view of the Republican civil war is essential to understanding what went wrong.” Alberta tells the story well. Monday’s indictments brought to mind the predictions a wise lawyer made this summer about the Trump-Russia investigation. For all the fine speeches and tough talk, one thing is clear: Trump has completed the hostile takeover of the Republican Party.

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On Social Media he was also called provocative, dangerous and depressing.

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Back then, the professor admitted he’d written the texts – but he told the they were just jokes he’d sent to his ‘loved one’ to amuse her. He explained to the newspaper he’d paid a scientist in London called a ‘forensic linguist’ and the scientist has no doubt those texts were written by someone who speaks Spanish. Today Professor Paul Frampton is teaching at a university in Italy – while arguing a university in North Carolina (that paid him 3,000 while he was in prison) has a ‘moral obligation’ to give him back his tenure. But when a President loses the public trust – as Nixon did – every time he opens his mouth people think he’s trying to hoodwink them. Gene Nichol, who’s the former Dean of the UNC Law School, and who may be the most politically correct man in North Carolina, tore into the new UNC Board of Governors saying right wing politics is taking over the university and the Board is to blame.

Now the Professor’s changed his story: He says he didn’t write a single one of those texts – that the prosecutor wrote them to frame him. So Bob Corker fired a broadside at Trump calling the White House an “adult day care center” and Trump fired back at Corker calling him ‘Liddle Bob Corker’ but that wasn’t unusual – this was: Next President Trump claimed Corker had begged to endorse him for reelection and, when Trump told him no, Corker had high-tailed it out of the race. A Senator telling tales about a President can create do a lot of mischief. It’s difficult to tell whether Dean Nichol’s broadside was a political eruption or an old-fashioned case of paranoia but, either way, it doesn’t seem likely UNC is on the verge of turning into a bastion of conservatism.

The howl’s a peculiar thing: It tells you Republicans are evil, Democrats are evil, and Trump is evil.

It tells you Washington, Lee, Francis Scott Key, Columbus and General John Kelly are all vile – and, worst of all, the howl breeds blindness: Blindness when we look at where we came from, blindness about where we are, and blindness when we try to see where we are going. On Social Media he was also called provocative, dangerous and depressing.

Boehner holds nothing back, pegging a few of his ex-caucus members as “terrorists” and “assholes” as he lights up another Camel.

But the story isn’t all name-calling and score-settling: “…(T)he story of Boehner’s 25 years in Washington is also the story of the Republican Party, the Congress and American politics in the post-Ronald Reagan era: an account of corruption and crusading, enormous promises and underwhelming results, growing ideological polarization and declining faith in government.

Then we thought it was because you had the best political system.