Chat sexe avatars

In May, I invited a dozen Sex Drive forum members to explore the new platform for me, as I wasn't going to have time to devote to it until late July.Initial reviews were mixed, with the men more patient with the product's flaws than the women were.

Certainly it needs male pole dancers, and more "working boys" to balance the working girls.Once I started talking with other people and finding out where they like to go, I began to relax and get into the scene.Another liked running around naked but had a hard time finding women to chat with.Both men and women decried the generic avatars, the inability to customize anything and the clunky user interface.And yet, Red Light Center markets itself as an erotic adventure for women.

I asked Ray what made him think that this environment had any particularly feminine appeal.Like most newbies, I found my way to the clubs and started clicking the dance animations, developing my own signature fusion of ballet, hip-hop and the funky chicken. In the past, I've slipped into virtual environments incognito.But this time I let the community know who I was and that I was researching for a column."It's in a very serene, comfortable, outdoorsy setting," says Ray."With trees and little rabbits running around."It's not that the world is unwelcoming or that women wouldn't enjoy it as it is – but after all the build-up, I was expecting something more balanced.As I write this, I'm dancing on a bar in Blu's and asking my neighbors if they come here often.