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(In some cases, gay stars are believed to have had children to prove their straight bona fides.) "has no Hollywood cachet. Next are movie stars, then TV stars, then minor royalty. In fact, most Hollywood insiders suspect these relationships are fundamentally genuine.

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Demi, assisted by the best 40-year-old body money can buy and her comeback role in Only Ashton and Demi (and their publicists, and agents, and bodyguards, and personal trainers …) know the whole truth, but the relationship does offer a useful entree into the elaborate rituals of celebrity coupling.

America's obsession with celebrity romance dates to the beginning of the film industry.

Calista Flockhart's youth, for example, distracts fans from the fact that Harrison Ford is a senior citizen, while his fame may boost her movie career (since goodness knows her talent won't). And celebrities are infatuated with other celebrities: "If they can hook up with another famous person, they are ecstatic," says one Hollywood cynic.

editor Chris Connelly: "It really helps an actress for an audience to have a personal stake in her happiness." (This may start to explain why Julia Roberts, with her endless dating travails, has always been such a draw.) Jennifer Lopez is a stellar example of a female celebrity who is exploiting a tumultuous personal life to seduce audiences. How do you create and then exploit your celebrity romance? Lo do.) If you haven't found your celebrity love, arrange it: Jennifer Aniston had her publicist call Brad Pitt's publicist to ask for a date. You should appear together at semi-private places—in a back room at the Los Angeles' Ivy restaurant, or at the New York club Bungalow 8 *, or anywhere that Tobey Maguire is.

"It has yet to be proved that an openly gay leading man can be a sex symbol," says MSNBC gossip columnist Jeannette Walls.

Several incredibly famous male stars we don't dare name are rumored to be gay and hiding behind gorgeous women. MSNBC's Scoop Columnist Jeannette Walls has constructed a dating hierarchy: At the top are "major royalty" (that is, Prince William). Rock stars date porn stars.) This is not to say that all celebrity romances are fake, only that there is an element of calculation to them.Start engaging in very public canoodling—in your car, in clubs, at restaurants."You should hold hands and gaze lovingly what the situation," says Walls.magazine—as much as her alleged romance with MTV icon Ashton Kutcher.The red-carpet spectacle of Demi (40 going on 22) canoodling with Ashton (25 going 16) has been delicious fodder for the tabloids and unbeatable publicity for the couple.It is generally considered a bad career move to allow celebrity dating to progress to marriage. The marriage of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward gave him depth and her glamour.