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MSN and Bing won't even let Biderman buy the words "Ashley Madison," which Biderman trademarked.

"If you type in the world 'infidelity' on Bing but Bing pretends that Ashley Madison doesn't exist, they're redefining the word," Biderman says.

Now they are done biting their tongues: They are sick of people making assumptions about their personal sex life, they are sick of getting hate mail, and they are especially worried about what they see as a growing censorship crisis in the U. "People think that if they eradicate Ashley Madison, they'll eradicate infidelity," Biderman says.

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Ashley Madison hesitated--it was a big investment that would be wasted if the company encountered more obstacles--but eventually made the ad.Before the big game, the NFL refused to air the expensive commercial.EA has simply changed it to “Hell awaits”, which CBS is fine with.The ad has actually already been running on various networks but the Superbowl, being the single most viewed broadcast in the US every year, is treated as a special case with CBS stating that it has specific “Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday”."It will continue to investigate complaints about trademarks in advertising text but will no longer investigate complaints about trademarks used as keywords on Bing and Yahoo! When ABC premiered the show Cougar Town starring Courtney Cox, Biderman pushed to advertise Cougar but ABC refused.

Then NBC asked Ashley Madison if it would be interested in creating a commercial to run during the 2009 Super Bowl.

Basically, there’s so much money flying around just a few minutes of air time that CBS is being ultra careful not to offend the wrong people.

Ads for a gay dating website featuring two men kissing and a domain hosting website about a fictional ex football player who launches his own lingerie brand have already been rejected.

We kinda hope that one goes back-to-back against the one for the game where you have to slaughter unbaptised babies.

Noel Biderman, the man behind the wildly successful Ashley, is helping to facilitate extra-marital affairs.

Then in 2007, Microsoft's stopped letting Ashley Madison advertise and buy keywords, which it had done since 2002.