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You buy a queen with high hopes, put her into this hive with few bees and little food. Beekeeping is ongoing education not only of the public, but other beekeepers. Anna, This is an excellent and often overlooked point.

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More typical would be: 6 days maturing 4 days mating 2 days sperm storage = 12 days But toss in a week of rain and it might look like this: 6 days maturing 4 days mating 7 days rain 2 days sperm storage = 19 days In fact, many people believe 2 to 3 weeks (14 to 21 days) is a good rough estimate of the hatch-to-lay timetable.

All of these numbers assume that everything turns out right in the end: the queen didn’t get eaten by a bird, get caught in a rain storm, or remain hive-bound so long that she became a drone layer. And that’s only part of the waiting game; once the first egg is laid, it will take three weeks for it to hatch.

Boyd Hey Rusty, Unbelievable, am prancing back and forth in the maternity ward as we speak.

Did a five frame nuc split and on the 10th of April she was born.

She can start laying as soon as there is some comb to lay in. The question is I want to move it to a sunny spot on the same property about 50 to 75 yards.

Hello, I’m on my 2 year of beekeeping, this is my first time commenting, but this is always my first source of info when needing to do some research. My wife said that this move will confuse the bees but I think that the bees are smart and will be ok.

A number of things need to happen before she is ready to fly.

Mc Neil in (2015), a new virgin queen does not become sexually mature for five to six days after emergence.

It takes a while." width="650" height="433" srcset=",,,," sizes="(max-width: 650px) 100vw, 650px" / Ideal conditions happen quite often. I did a trap-out last year and did very well till fall and lost the hive to yellowjackets. I have a nuc coming May 1 about how long will I have to wait to get a frame of brood from that?

If I don’t see eggs in 10 days, I get very nervous. Or should I do that at all with a new starting hive?

If the queen starts laying at 14 days, she never turns out good for me and workers usually replace her on their own soon after. I have two feral hives to trap, one I need to get the bees out and seal up the tree for the person. One more thing maybe should be added, some new queens don’t like being disturbed in the first few days after mating.