Campus dating violence facts

She urged the community to choose not to “live in fear.” It took about an hour Tuesday night for St. But because the school’s text messaging system requires students to opt in, many found out much later and through sources other than the school.Mark Johnson, the school’s public safety director, said St.

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Paul Police Department holds a press conference on Wednesday night to announce the arrest of a St. Catherine University security officer has been arrested after admitting that he accidentally shot himself in the shoulder Tuesday night and blamed it on a nonexistent assailant, St. The incident prompted a campus-wide lockdown at the university in the Highland Park neighborhood as police fruitlessly searched the area for a suspect. No suspect was located nor was a physical description ever detailed. At a Wednesday night news conference, Ernster announced that Ahlers had been booked into the Ramsey County jail and was cited by police for falsely reporting a crime, which is a misdemeanor. Paul City Attorney’s office is reviewing the case and has yet to make a charging decision, said Deputy City Attorney Laura Pietan.Catherine University security guard, who shot himself on Tuesday night and blamed it on a nonexistent assailant. Ahlers, who was treated Tuesday night at Regions Hospital, told investigators during questioning Wednesday that he had accidentally shot himself while handling his personal handgun and lied about it because he feared he would lose his job, said Sgt. He was released on his own recognizance about a.m. “This was just presented to our office this morning,” Pietan said.Let’s face it, it’s really uncomfortable talking about, let alone actually dealing with these issues.You might be tempted to think we can go back to the days when schools and colleges could just sweep them under the rug.Software updates and database backups are just a couple of the keys to ensuring you get the most out of your solutions.

Here are 5 tips to ensure hospitals and institutions of higher learning keep their access control systems up to date and optimized.

Roloff said they’ll consider installing more security cameras, too.

Roloff said a task force would analyze the university’s messaging in the hours after the shooting.

Some of you in K-12 and higher ed reading this might be breathing a sigh of relief right now, believing you won’t be required to pay as much attention to claims of rape, dating violence, sexual harassment and stalking.

Department of Education announced plans to “reorient” its policies and practices for civil rights and Title IX enforcement relating to campus sexual assault.

She said the messages were confusing, too infrequent and lacking in detail.