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Tap the heart and the image will be added to your Favorites album.

Apple is set to release i OS 8 on Wednesday, which means lots of new features in the native Camera and Photos app.

Here's a breakdown of the new features and ideas on how to use them best.

Though the instant burst has been framed as a tool for selfies, there are a lot of other creative uses for it.

IDEA: Use instant burst to freeze a peak moment during fast motions.

Scrolling along the scale will make the image lighter or darker: Third-party camera app users: you'll notice the separate controls aren't really "separate" in the way you're used to.

There isn't a separate exposure point that you can drag and auto expose for a different part of your composition.

You can batch-select photos for permanent deletion or for recovery: This feature will be very handy for those who take a lot of photos of the same thing.

Tap into a photo and a heart icon is at the bottom.

We still don't know exactly how it works, as we only have one phone with i OS 8 installed.

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Recording a time-lapse in the i OS 8 camera app involves the same motions as recording video. We estimate that the time-lapse speed in the Camera app is about 10 or 12x.