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The 31-year-old actor posted about the news on his Facebook and Twitter page."Wanted all of you to know from me, here it is. "And he also teased his fans with a picture uploaded on his Facebook page, captioning it, "Switched from my casuals to suit the occasion. "According to reports, Ranvijay is tying the knot with London-based Priyanka Vohra."I met her in 2012 when she was ­visiting her family in Mumbai.The shaadi is scheduled for mid-April," Ranvijay told a leading daily.

So, I hope this will further steel your resolve to join the forces.Till then it is a goodbye, stay Fit, and stay Focused.But Virat is publicly known to be short-tempered and a typical ! Before they became a couple, it was not even an issue for Anushka to conduct her professional career the way she wanted to and even now, it should not be of anyone’s concern.However, what if during one of those long intimate scenes and rehearsals etc, she develops some feeling towards her co-actor? There are load of love-stories in Bollywood that started with couples spending long hours together and displaying such intimacy on-screen! Also, what if Virat finds someone else during one of his long overseas tours when Anushka isn’t around him?Given the massive female fan following that Virat has all over the world, it is not a big deal for girls to throw themselves at him!

Yes, as of now, he has resisted the temptations, but who knows about the future guys?

Long distance relationships are not easy to work upon.

Since one partner is seen kissing and getting intimate, so very often with so many different men, the trust issues are obviously going to erupt every few days if not hours!

All those hopeful girls and boys dancing with joy, stop right there in your tracks! Yeah, now since your excitement levels are down and reality has sunk in, let’s tell you what’s actually happening in the love-birds’ nest.

Read carefully, they haven’t broken up, they are going to! In comparison to love affairs of the cricketing world and Bollywood, this love affair is at a very nascent stage, kind of a new born.

Popular VJ Rannvijay Singha is the latest to join the bandwagon.