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As the dispute festers, experts see a higher chance of an unintended conflict between U. and Chinese vessels or aircraft, something that was witnessed in 2001 when a Chinese and a U. "China attaches far greater importance to peace in the South China Sea — much greater than the U. "The Chinese government will uphold peace in Southeast Asia even for the sake of our own survival.

The images show that the test areas have been designed to look like the military bases, according to the report by Thomas Shugart on War on the Rocks.

Earlier this week, a highly accurate Chinese ballistic missile capable of threatening US and Japan bases in Asia made its latest appearance at recent Rocket Force drills.

First displayed at a Beijing military parade in 2015, the missile is believed to have a range of 1,000 kilometers (620 miles), putting it within striking distance of Okinawa, home to several US military installations, as well as the Japanese home islands, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The two-stage DF-16 replaces the older, shorter range DF-11, with a final stage that can adjust its trajectory to strike slow moving targets and evade anti-missile defenses such as the US Patriot system deployed by Taiwan.

"First until recently, technology didn't allow nation states to project power over the oceans as it is possible today.

Second, today's degree of interdependence has no precedent in history, therefore issues over the ability of shipping to move through this basin has potential impact on the international system in a way that was not possible previously." The South China Sea for years has been a point of contention for bordering nations besides China, including Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines, but in recent years has become a larger nexus of disagreement as China has unilaterally declared the region its own.But beyond that, Patalano said, China's actions have no historical precedent."There is not a precedent of this kind, and this is for two reasons," Patalano told CNBC.The levels at which China appears to be planning a missile attack on US military bases in the Pacific have been detailed in a new report.An investigation of satellite imagery comparing China's missile testing grounds and US military bases shows a pattern - all of the missile tests have been aimed at destroying US carriers, destroyers and airfields in East Asia, the report said."No country would want to see confrontations between [the] U.