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—Molly Kelly Abstinence is a window of clarity through which one can better find one's work and one's mate.

—Lance Morrow Chastity, like honesty, is a civic as well as a personal virtue.

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—poster at an abstinence conference I don't want my wife to sleep with anyone but me, and I want to give her the same respect. —Abi, It's Great to Wait, is the virtue that brings the sexual appetite into harmony with reason.

—Pat Driscoll Dealing with saying 'No' is much easier than dealing with an STD or baby.

—college student The only safe sex is in a marriage relationship where a man and a woman are faithful to each other for life. —abstinence poster Infertility can be devastating to a marriage.

If you hope to be a mother or a father some day, don't play around. Joe Mc Ilhaney A girl always knows when she's being used. —Crystalina Padilla Sex is both physical and emotional.

I am able to see my girlfriend for the beautiful woman that she is with dignity and respect.

My vision of her isn't clouded with lust but rather magnified with love. —Scott Phelps —Molly Kelly What part of "no" don't you understand?

It allows a woman to become a whole person in her own right, without needing a man either to revolt against or to complete what she lacks. Dave Pivonka If you can control yourself sexually, you can control yourself. By listening to your conscience in this way, you'll have a good idea of where to draw the line. —Dietrich von Hildebrand Lying next to your boyfriend or girlfriend without a stitch of clothing on is not the time to discuss chastity. Pivonka If by how you dress, you are saying to guys, "Hey, look at my body," why would a guy want to get to know you? Not for lack of opportunity, my vanity hastens to add.

It is very simple, really: no matter how wonderful, charming, handsome, intelligent, thoughtful, rich, or persuasive he is, he simply cannot have her. —Sarah Hinlicky My real friends will accept and understand my decisions and values. —Jared, It's Great to Wait, teens think that sex is the unforgivable sin. —Jason Evert If your heart says, "Maybe I shouldn't be doing this," listen to your heart, pray for strength, and get out of the situation immediately. The time to think about chastity is now—when your thinking is clear. My mother taught me that self-respect requires self-control.

Having to ask would become uncomfortable in those situations and so the person would not make any advancement for potential sexual activity.

2) If teenagers were being asked and were not sure of what they actually wanted, they would be given a choice to say, “No” without any negative consequences or without guilt or pressure being applied to them.

” Teaching consent stresses establishing personal standards, respecting boundaries, and always understanding the importance of having a choice.