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And, in the city, they're changing even faster than usual.

Our hyper-distracted temperament, grass-is-greener FOMO, and impatient demands to get everything, like, yesterday are rewriting the rules of dating quicker than you can say "swipe right." What was once an afternoon (fine, a lonely Sunday evening) spent trawling Ok Cupid is now a five-minute Tinder blitz during a treadmill run. Boundaries are being crossed, rubbed out, and re-drawn.

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Fall into any of these traps and you won’t receive another phone call from your date. His goal was to make "as many people as possible" happy this Valentine's Day". [Continue reading]People generally think that women don't have any trouble dating.They get noticed, they get hit on, they get asked out and it seems dating is easy for them.If you only get out once in a while, like a party at a friend's house or a dance somewhere, your chances of meeting someone are slim. The higher volume of actions taken, the greater the SUCCESS. You are going to go home – alone – and feel, rejected. If you want to date, you will get out often to different settings. You will be friendly, talk to people, make friends, and create a social life.

You will have so much going on, you will not have time to feel rejected. Ask them more than once and ask more than one person.

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· The only girl I've ever loved married someone else ten years ago. So many great people stop the flow of their dating life and accumulate more and more "proof" that they are not datable or lovable.

· I'm forty-five, never been married, and the odds of my finding someone are zero. Home Alone might be a good name for a movie but it is not a good name for you. The "proof," of course, is all in their imagination.

We command instantaneous communication, real-time news, and 24/7 information, and our dating attitudes now reflect the same warp-speed principles.